Janna Taylor Montana Senate District 6
Janna Taylor Montana Senate District 6

Legislative Platform

Janna Taylor will sponsor, co-sponsor, and/or support the following legislation:

  • Obama Care- Under the current PPACA, President Obama mandated that all US citizens be required to purchase Health Care, or risk monetary penalties. Janna will oppose this in every way possible.
  • Streamlining Governmental Regulations
  • Tax Deductions for those that pay their own healthcare.
  • Lower Business Equipment Costs
  • Higher Tort Standards
  • Streamline the Permit process.
  • Rework the Education Funding Formula
  • Support the Keystone XL pipeline
  • 2nd Amendment Rights
Janna believes that Montana needs to stop exporting its youth. Through her support for lower Business Equipment costs, among other pro-business legislation, she plans to help create and keep jobs here in Montana

Always remember: Janna is running because Montana needs to be a place where Montanans can find good jobs.

Janna Taylor

As always,  please call 406-253-8766 or email jannataylor@montana.com or sen.janna.taylor@mt.gov  with any comments or suggestions you may have.  You can also follow Janna on Facebook



Janna Taylor
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