Janna Taylor Montana Senate District 6
Janna Taylor Montana Senate District 6

Janna Taylor for Montana Senate

Janna Taylor is currently serving Senate District 6 to continue what she started in the House of Representatives. 

Janna was elected an unprecedented four times to serve as your representative in House District 11. She has Proven Experience and Proven Leadership. For ten years she has voted for Montanan Job Growth and Fiscal Responsibility.

Some folks have to create an image, a feeling to help voters understand, others reinvent themselves every election cycle. Janna Taylor is who she is, and she stands on what she believes.

Janna Taylor believes that healthcare for folks in Montana should be written by Montanan's for Montanan's and for the benefit of Montanans.

Janna Taylor is…

  • Pro-Life
  • Pro Second Amendment
  • A Montana Hunter
  • For the Death Penalty
  • A Montana Conservative

Janna Taylor has….

  • Proven Experience
  • Proven Leadership
  • A Concealed Weapon Permit
  • VOTED against Radical Sex Education

Janna Taylor believes….

  • This is about JOBS
  • Repeal Business Equipment Tax
  • Lower State and Corporate Tax Rates
  • Reduce Frivolous Lawsuits
  • Streamline Regulation

Janna Taylor is not just PRESENT,

  • VOTED against Radical Sex Education
  • Will VOTE against Mandate for Health Insurance
  • Will VOTE for job creating legislation


Janna Taylor believes in Local and Community Control as opposed to State Control and Federal Regulation

Janna Taylor served as our state Representative in the Legislature since 2005. Her district, Senate District 6, is made up of parts of Flathead and Lake counties.

As our Representative, Janna won acclaim from the Family Foundation, the Montana Medical Association, and from the Chamber of Commerce. She also received the "Paul Williams Stewardship Award" from the Flathead Basin Commission for her work protecting Flathead Lake.

Janna was an outstanding Representative for our community, and is a great Senator.

As always,  please call 406-253-8766 or email jannataylor@montana.com or sen.janna.taylor@mt.gov  with any comments or suggestions you may have.  You can also follow Janna on Facebook

Janna Taylor
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